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The Leadership Clinic generates a great deal of spirit and positive attitudes, but what’s more important is that the students come home with significant knowledge and skills they can use in assisting their directors to build better bands. In addition, students learn how to transfer what they learned to others. The curriculum is fresh and new every year, making it practical for students to return again and again!


Guest Presenters

Presenters from across the country and across varied disciplines provide this clinic a broad view on leadership both in music and in life. Guest presenters change from year to year to provide new experiences and perspectives to leadership.

Extend the experience

The Leadership Clinic takes place during SWC Illinois' weekend. Extend your stay with us by attending one of our first or second-week clinics and get the Leadership Clinic for half price!




"Breakout sessions" with electives tackling a host of topics and hands-on experience give our Leadership Clinic a more customized approach to teaching that will keep students engaged in the topics they are interested in.

Sample Sessions

  • Group Psychology

  • Self Analysis

  • Creativity exercises

  • Problem-solving

  • Motivational concepts

  • Solving discipline problems

  • Teamwork methods

  • Training student leaders

  • Maturity and responsibility

  • Developing communication

  • Developing relationships

  • Attitude and outlook

Ever-Changing Curriculum

Smith Walbridge Clinics uses a fresh curriculum each year, making it practical for students to return again and again, while always learning new concepts and strategies. 

Clinic Schedule

Below is an example of an average day schedule. For a more exact layout, go to our Information Documents page and download the PDF

6:45 am Breakfast

12:00 pm Lunch

5:00 pm Dinner

7:45 pm Classes conclude

11:00 pm Lights Out

8:30 am Classes

1:30 pm Classes

6:30 pm Classes

8:00 pm Recreation Time







Beth Shackelford

Beth is the Coordinator of Student Services and Activities Director for O'Fallon Township High School District #203 in O'Fallon, IL. Her duties include directing the student leadership team, building leadership for the freshman campus, coordination the adult education program, teacher mentoring, and facilitating 8th grade transitional programs.


For Your Information

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Eastern Illinois University - Charleston IL

Canceled - 2020


Includes all instruction, and lunch and dinner each day



Includes all instruction,

housing, and meals



Includes housing and all meals

(For sponsors, bus drivers, directors, or coaches not taking classes)





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