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Leadership Clinic



The Leadership Clinic generates a great deal of spirit and positive attitudes, but what’s more important is that the students come home with significant knowledge and skills they can use in assisting their directors to build better bands. In addition, students learn how to transfer what they learned to others. The curriculum is fresh and new every year, making it practical for students to return again and again!

Overview LS

Guest Presenters

Presenters from across the country and across varied disciplines provide this clinic a broad view on leadership both in music and in life. Guest presenters change from year to year to provide new experiences and perspectives to leadership.

Extend the experience

The Leadership Clinic takes place between camps on an SWC weekend. Extend your stay with us by attending one of our first or second-week clinics!



Curriculum LS


"Breakout sessions" with electives tackling a host of topics and hands-on experience give our Leadership Clinic a more customized approach to teaching that will keep students engaged in the topics they are interested in.


Sample Sessions

  • Group Psychology

  • Self Analysis

  • Creativity exercises

  • Problem-solving

  • Motivational concepts

  • Solving discipline problems

  • Teamwork methods

  • Training student leaders

  • Maturity and responsibility

  • Developing communication

  • Developing relationships

  • Attitude and outlook


Ever-Changing Curriculum

Smith Walbridge Clinics uses a fresh curriculum each year, making it practical for students to return again and again, while always learning new concepts and strategies. 

Clinic Schedule

Below is an example of an average day schedule. For a more exact layout, go to our Information Documents page and download the PDF

6:45 am Breakfast

1:30 pm Classes

6:30 pm Classes

8:30 pm Recreation Time

8:30 am Classes

12:15 pm Lunch

5:00 pm Dinner

7:45 pm Classes conclude

11:00 pm Lights Out

Clinic Schedule

Below is an example of an average day schedule. For a more exact layout, go to our Information Documents page and download the PDF

6:45 am Breakfast

12:00 pm Lunch

5:00 pm Dinner

7:45 pm Classes conclude

11:00 pm Lights Out

8:30 am Classes

1:30 pm Classes

6:30 pm Classes

8:00 pm Recreation Time

Dates LS


not in session for 2023

Clinician LS

For Your Information

If you are in need or more information, please download our information PDF's for more details. If you have a question, you may want to see if there is already an answer on our FAQ page. If you are looking for transportation information, please go to our Transportation page.

Prices LS


Eastern Illinois University - Charleston IL
No session 2023


Includes all instruction, and lunch and dinner each day



Includes all instruction,

housing, and meals

(Staying with us on campus.  Most common selection.)



Includes housing and all meals

(For sponsors, bus drivers, directors, or coaches not taking classes)


  • What if I arrive late?
    No problem! If you arrive a little later than the check-in window for your clinic, you'll report to the front desk of Taylor Hall. They will alert a member of our administrative staff, who will assist you with checking in, moving in, and getting you to your starting location for your camp!
  • Where do I park?
    For clinic check-in and check-out (drop off and pick-up) park for free at Taylor Hall, OR across the street at the large parking lot. Signs will indicate lots at check-in and staff members will be outside for assistance. A detailed map is in our Information Packet. If the participant has driven him/herself, staff members will show you where to park after check-in (in the lot across the street from Taylor Hall). Those who will keep their cars at the camp will get a parking pass during check-in to display in their car after they have unloaded and parked for the clinic duration. Students 18 and under turn in their keys to a locked safe for the duration of the clinic, which is held by our administrative staff. Keys are returned at check-out. Smith Walbridge will not be responsible for those who get tickets when parking in area not approved for our staff and participants.
  • Can I stay one or multiple extra nights?
    Early arrival or late departure situations (usually to get cheaper air fares, or to arrive in time for class) are available for $30.00 per night. This cost does not include any meals, however, meals can be purchased in the cafeteria until the meals for your camp begin. Even as an early arrival, you are "with" the clinics. Those 18 and under may not leave the dorm grounds. As a general rule, extra nights are reserved for those traveling from out of state or by public transportation. You may stay up to one night early and/or one additional night late. Extra nights are not available on or after July 21, as the dorms will be closed. Call us to make arrangements at least one week in advance.
  • What public transportation options are available?
    These options are included in the Information Packet and on the Transportation page. Be sure to provide your information at least 5 days in advance of travel so we can schedule arrangements to pick you up and return you to your to your stations and terminals.
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