2022 Clinic Mitigations and Protocols

As the safety and health of all at Smith Walbridge Clinics is paramount, the following precautions have been implemented for the 2022 season.  The mitigations and protocols for Smith Walbridge Clinics 2022 are mandatory for all participants and staff.  This list is subject to change as events and policies unfold, at the State Health Department, EIU, and elsewhere.  Most current Covid-19 mitigations and protocols can be found below.


Negative Covid-19 Test OR Proof of Vaccination for Entry

Participants and staff are required to bring printed, hard copy documentation (copy is acceptable) of one of the following:

1) Picture or copy of the participant's official COVID-19 CDC vaccination card.  A person is considered fully vaccinated (as per the requirement above) two weeks after receiving their second dose of the two-dose series vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna vaccine), or two weeks after a single-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson's Janssen vaccine).  If you are inside that 2-week window still for your vaccine, you are not considered fully vaccinated.  OR 2) A negative Covid-19 test, with the result dated within 72 hours of the clinic check-in.  The test may be either the longer molecular RT-PCR type test, OR the “Rapid” Antigen type test.  It is the responsibility of the participant to arrange and time their testing to align with the clinic start date, AND furnish documented proof of negative result- please plan ahead.  SW highly recommends a reserved and thoughtful approach to social engagements prior to your clinic date.  In the event of participant cancellation, monies are refunded up to the deposit amount. SWC will not physically collect or keep the above listed documentation.  Participants will simply be able to produce it for inspection upon arriving at the clinic check-in.  Participants who cannot satisfy the above will not be allowed to check in at camp.



Clinic participants must mask indoors in group gathering spaces.  Students shall supply their own masks at the clinic.  Additional masks may be purchased for a small fee in the clinic store. 


Capacity and Social Distancing

Classroom capacities have been limited to maintain appropriate distancing in each camp group.  Participants will be socially distanced at 6-ft spacing to the greatest extent possible.  Participants are expected to assist in their own adherence to this requirement.



Participants will be housed one per room, OR with a roommate from the same school.  Students may not enter the rooms of others on their floor.  They are welcome to meet in common areas within the residence hall and on the surrounding lawn/quad. Bathrooms are communal.  Surfaces in bathrooms are cleaned 3 times per day using a disinfectant spray.  Every other day, bathrooms are completely scrubbed down. Air filtration systems exist on every floor, each with recommended filters. All rooms are opened, cleaned, and sanitized before participant entry.  In almost every instance, the room has been vacant a minimum of 48 hours before occupied by an incoming participant.



Participants will bring in, and then pack out their own bedding.  Please bring appropriate storage (bags) to cover and depart with all sheets/blankets/pillows/sleeping bags.  This minimizes our staff contact with participant used bedding, and eliminates dirty bedding mass collection at the conclusion of the clinic.  All beds are twin XL size mattresses.


Temperature Checks

Temperature checks will be conducted each morning, prior to entering the cafeteria for breakfast.  If a temperature of greater than 100 degrees is found, the participant will return to their room and retest again in 5 minutes.



Hand sanitizing stations and wipes are available in the lobby near all doors and in the lower level.  Limited student socialization will be allowed in the residence hall lobby.  Participants are encouraged to move their activity during free periods outside to the lawn area.



Clinic check-in will be outdoors, weather permitting.  Parents may accompany their child at the check-in, masked.  A COVID-19 prescreening form will be completed, as well as a temperature check.  Parents will not be allowed into the residence hall or onto any student floor.  Hugs and goodbyes, or time spent chatting before the clinic is welcome outdoors in the lawn area.  We ask that you please not ask to be an exception to this rule.  Any assistance needed will be provided by your child’s floor intern.



Clinics eat in shifts to avoid lines and crowds.  Meals are dine-in, OR carry-out to eat elsewhere besides cafeteria.  The main entrée is served in to-go box container.  There is no buffet- all side items are either pre-separated into containers or wrapped.  Drinks are served in to-go covered cups.  The dining  hall large tables seat 6, and capacity is set at 6-ft spacing between tables.  Masks must remain on until seated, and must be worn again upon standing to leave. Flip cards on tables signal tables that have been vacated and need attention from the staff for cleaning.

Class locations

Classes will take place outdoors, as much as possible.  This is typical of our clinics.  SW staff has carefully accounted for years now for elements like sun, heat, rain, wind, and other outdoor conditions and the necessary modifications for student wellness, growth, learning, and enjoyment.  Some typical “indoor classes” will be moved outside, while other indoor classes will remain, following capacity guidelines in place.  Should adverse weather arise, large indoor facilities (gymnasiums, fieldhouse, lecture halls) are secured for use.



Structured evening activities will take place outdoors, and indoors. Indoor activities require those in attendance to be masked.


Other Camps/Conferences

Other camps and conferences do run concurrently with Smith Walbridge Clinics.  They do NOT use the same residence hall facilities, but they DO utilize the same cafeteria services.  Dining times will be strictly followed, and groups are staggered.


Digital notifications/materials

 Participants are encouraged to opt into receiving printed materials digitally (schedules, handouts, etc).  Also, participants are asked to subscribe to our Remind service for announcements regarding time or location changes, to avoid mass groups gathering to hear or waiting to move.  This Remind service works on any cellular or wifi enabled device.  It is only open to one-way communication from the clinic director to all.  Join details are announced at the opening session.


First Aid

Participants with injury-related needs who visit the first aid station are separated by plastic dividers.  The staff in first aid wear additional PPE due to potential close contact to participants and their injury.  Participants are asked to participate in their own first aid care as much as possible to avoid close contact.



Participants feeling ill will be monitored by our staff, but will be asked to quarantine in their room.  Temperature and symptoms will be monitored.  For any illness that is not fleeting (temporary headache, allergy, etc.), the participant will remain quarantined, and the parent will be called to pick up the participant (or dismiss in writing if they drove themselves).  SW will share any and all symptoms and recorded information with the parent, as requested.


Procedural Modification

SW may modify COVID-19 related procedures at its clinics.  SW works closely with EIU, the Coles County Health Department, and the Illinois Department of Public Health to ensure best practices are being implemented and followed for the safety of all participants, staff, and the larger surrounding communities.  Attendance at SW Clinics means that you accept the current and updated COVID-19 related restrictions and procedures.  SW reserves the right to dismiss any participant who cannot abide by these guidelines and subsequent modifications, or refuses to do so.


Participant Recommendations from SWC

For the safest and best experience possible for you and others at camp, SWC makes the following recommendations, prior to your arrival:


-Be as reserved as possible in your social engagements for two weeks prior to your arrival at SWC.  You will reduce your probability of contracting or spreading any communicable disease if you have as few contacts as possible.


-Prior to camp, be particularly vigilant to wear your mask, stay socially distant from others, limit time spent in an area, and be outdoors with others (as opposed to indoors) when possible.


-Make arrangements to take your COVID-19 test (if you are not showing proof of full vaccination) well in advance.  Be sure you know the turn-around time for the type of test you are taking.  The results must fall within 72 hours of your arrival at camp.  Plan ahead!  Print your result.


-SWC recommends strictly quarantining in the time between taking your COVID-19 test, and arriving at camp.


-If you are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, get it.


-Bring clean, washed bedding, clothing, shoes, and masks to the clinic.


-Check for fever and run a “COVID-19 screening” check before leaving home for the clinic.