General Questions

Concerning the day-to-day of Smith Walbridge Clinics.

Where can I get general information about what to do after registration?

You should receive a file by email when you register. If not, contact us. It includes a link to our lengthy and detailed information packet. Please read this document before calling with questions.

When do the clinics end?

Approximately at noon on the last day.

When do classes begin?

2:00 PM on the first day. Participants will be lead to classes from the dormitory. Participants should already be checked in by this time.

What meals are included?

Dinner is is the first meal on the first day and breakfast is the last meal on the last day. For commuters (those staying at home and driving in, or have other arrangements not on campus wit us), dinners and lunches are provided. Meals for early arrivals, late departures and those staying over for additional sessions can purchase their own meals in the dormitories or at fast food chains, for delivery to our residence hall, nearby.

What about safety, security, and supervision?

All students are supervised 24 hours a day. There are interns on each floor of the dormitories. All administrative staff are certified in first aid and trained to handle emergency situations. Please see the packet in the information documents section for three pages of all the safety and security provisions at SWC.

Are Drum Major Session 1 and Session 2 the same?

Yes, however when you repeat a session, you will advance to the next level of instruction. So regardless if you come to camp for multiple weeks in the same summer or if you return several summers in a row, you will gain and develop new skills and be exposed to new content.

Can you attend student sessions after graduating from high school?

Yes. Many college students do attend. Specifically, we have a college track in our drum major clinic. We also encourage undergraduate students to attend our Student Conductor, Drill Design, and Marching Band Director Clinics.

What is the roommate policy?

For 2021, students from the same organization (same school), and of the same gender will be roomed together. SWC will not be mixing organizations/cities. Singles coming from their school (or of one gender) will not have a roomate for 2021.

Can students receive mail while attending the clinics?

We strongly suggest not sending mail to the clinic site since it often arrives too late for distribution. Smith Walbridge has no contact with the dorm after our last camp date in July.

How much money should I bring?

It depends of how much you want to spend in the clinic store and if you are interested in ordering extra "night food" for delivery to the residence hall. Our store features all kinds of apparrel, whistles, lanyards, flags, rifles and sabres, maces, marching band gear, parts, and more. Many students do purchase items there. Smith Walbridge prefers cash and checks, but also accepts credit cards in the store. Tax is charged.

What is available in the clinic store?

Our clinic store carries a variety of band products as well as Smith Walbridge merchandise. Band supplies include rifles, silks, flag poles, maces, whistles, and more. Smith Walbridge merchandise includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats, shorts, tank tops, and more!

How do I purchase pictures from SWC?

Pictures from you or your student's time at SWC are taken and sold by Memory Lane Photography.

To look for pictures, go here.
Pictures on our website or social media are not purchaseable.

Arrival and Departure

Questions about transportation may be answered by going to the Transportation  page.

What if I arrive late?

Go to the front desk of Taylor Hall. An intern or a member of our administrative staff will assist you with moving in and help with schedule and where to go.

What is the parking situation?

If the participant has driven him/herself, staff members will show you where to park. Those who will keep their cars at the camp will need to get a parking pass during check-in. Smith Walbridge will not be responsible for those who get tickets when parking in area not approved for our staff and participants.

Can I stay one or multiple extra nights?

Early arrival or late departure situations (usually to get cheaper air fares, or arrive in time for class) are available for $25.00 per night. You will need extra money for meals not included in your fee. Extra nights are not available on or after July 23 since the dorms will be closed. Call us to make arrangements at least one week in advance.

What public transportation options are available?

These options are included in your packets and on the Transportation page. Be sure to provide your information at least one week advance so we can make plans to pick you up and return you to your to your stations and terminals.

Closing Ceremonies

For parents, friends and directors closing ceremonies are in O’Brien stadium on Eastern Illinois' campus.

Flag & Rifle, Drumline & Front Ensemble, Section Leader

July 9th, 10:00 -11:30 am

O'Brien Stadium

Mace-Signal Baton Clinic

July 18th, 11:00 AM-NOON,

held behind Taylor Hall.

Student Conductor Clinic

July 18, 11:00 AM-NOON,

held in Lumpkin.

Drum Major Clinics

Session I:  July 16th, 9:00-11:00 AM

Session II: July 23rd, 9:00-11:00 AM

O'Brien Stadium

Equipment and Belongings

Questions about bringing equipment and provided equipment.

Do students supply their own equipment?

Yes. This includes flags, rifles, instruments, drums, batons, maces, etc. With over the large amount of students attending, Smith Walbridge Clinics is not able to provide equipment. However, special arrangements can be made for those flying from other countries, or long distances that need very large instruments or equipment. Call our main office to see what is available.

Is bedding and linens included?

For 2021, students will be required to bring their own sheets and bedding. The beds are twin XL. As an alternative to bringing fitted sheets, students may bring a large sheet to cover the matress, then use, say, a sleeping bag or other on top. Bring own pillow/pillowcase too. Pack out what you packed in.

Is there a lost-and-found for missing belongings?

Yes. The Lost-and-found is located in the clinic store.


Check-In is on the first day of the clinic. Dates are listed on each clinic's page. You may register for our clinics as late as the morning of that clinic. Check-Out takes place on the last day of a clinic after closing ceremonies or after the conclusion of the clinic.

Check-in Times

Registration is located at Taylor Hall at Eastern Illinois University. Exact times can be found in the information PDF's.


What is your refund policy?

A refund, minus the deposit, can be issued 24 hours in advance of any session. There are no refunds for participants who leave early, for any reason, once the session begins.

What are your deposit and payment procedures?

Deposits are made to secure your spot at registration. Each clinic has a separate deposit amount. Balances can be paid anytime before coming to Smith Walbridge Clinics, or they can be paid upon arrival. We can also bill your school or booster groups. Payments can be made with a credit/debit card, or by check (checks preferred). Each time a payment is made, a new receipt will be emailed to you.

What should I do if my school or our booster organization is paying for my tuition?

Your director should contact Smith Walbridge Clinics to request an invoice and registration code. The registration code will allow you to bypass the required payment, so the school, district, or booster organization can pay for one or multiple students on a single invoice.

What discounts are offered?

You can view all available offers on each clinic page.