Student Conductor Clinic

July 17th - 19th



The Student Conductor Clinic has been designed to serve high school and college students that want to further their conducting study. The curriculum is strongly rooted in formal conducting with opportunities to conduct a lab band, gain valuable rehearsal techniques, as well as phenomenal leadership experiences.


Hands on

Conducting students will have the opportunity to conduct in a live band setting where they will get in-the-moment feedback from an ensemble. 

Become yourself

SWC encourages individuality and creativity. Develop confidence in your own personal style and showmanship on the podium.




New and returning students will receive semi-private lessons with collegiate music educators along with the opportunity to conduct in front of a live ensemble. Video feedback is used for self-analysis of conducting and progress.

Score Study

Student conductors will receive individual assistance with personal scores and recordings to prepare them for the upcoming season.


Students will walk away with a better understanding of working with their band directos. A group setting encourages learning from others along with self reflection and improvement skills.





17th - 19th

Clinic Schedule

Below is an example of an average day schedule. For a more exact layout, go to our Information Documents page and download the PDF

6:45 am Breakfast

12:00 pm Lunch

3:45 pm Break

5:00 pm Dinner

7:45 pm Classes conclude

11:00 pm Lights Out

8:30 am Conducting Sessions

1:30 pm Conducting Sessions

4:00 pm Conducting Sessions

6:30 pm Conducting Sessions

8:00 pm Recreation Time


Barry Houser

Barry Houser is the Associate Director of Bands, Director of the Marching Illini, and Director of the Fighting Illini Athletic Bands where his responsibilities include conducting the Hindsley Symphonic Band, the Athletic Bands, and the 375 member Marching Illini in addition to teaching marching band procedures.


For Your Information

If you are in need or more information, please download our information PDF's for more details. If you have a question, you may want to see if there is already an answer on our FAQ page. If you are looking for transportation information, please go to our Transportation page.



July 19, 11:30 AM-NOON,

held in Lumpkin.



Eastern Illinois University - Charleston IL

July 17 - 19 2020


Includes all instruction, and lunch and dinner each day



Includes all instruction,

housing, and meals



Includes housing and all meals

(For sponsors, bus drivers, directors, or coaches not taking classes)





P.O. Box 859

Mahomet, IL 61853


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