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Arrival and Departures (4)

What if I arrive late?

Go to the front desk to register.  An intern will assist you with moving in and going to class.

What is the parking situation?

When you arrive staff members will show you where to park.  Those who will keep their cars at the camp will need to get a parking sticker during registration.  SW will not be responsible for those who get tickets when parking in area not approved for our staff and participants.

What about extra nights?

Early arrival or late departure situations (usually to get cheaper air fares, or arrive in time for class) are available for $20.00 per night.  You will need extra money for meals not included in your fee.  Extra nights are not available on or after July 29 since the dorms will be closed.  Indicate what nights you need in the message box when registering, or call us to make arrangements at least one week in advance.

What are my public transportation options?

These options are included in your packets and on the Transportation Options page. Be sure to provide your information at least 1 week advance so we can make plans to pick you up and return you to your to your stations and terminals.

Equipment and Belongings (2)

Do we bring our own equipment?

Yes.  This includes flags, rifles, instruments, drums, batons, maces, etc.  With over 1100 students attending SWC is not able to provide equipment.  However, special arrangements can be made for those flying from other countries, or long distances that need very large instruments or equipment.  Call to see what is available. 

Is bedding and linens included?

Yes, however we suggest bringing a few extra towels, favorite pillows, etc for your own comfort.  The dorms are air-conditioned, so fans are not needed.

General (13)

Where can I get general information about what to do after registration?

Here is a link to a packet of information that should answer most of your questions. You should receive this file by email when you register.  If not, contact us. Please read this document before calling with questions.

When and where are the closing ceremonies?

All closing ceremonies for parents, friends and directors are in O’Brien stadium on campus.

Flag and Rifle Clinic, Marching Percussion Clinic, Marching Band Clinic
July 13, 2012, 10:00 -11:30 AM

Drum Major Clinic Week
July 20, 9:00-11:00 AM

Mace-Signal Baton Workshop:
July 22, 2012, 11:30 AM-NOON,held behind Taylor Hall.

Drum Major Clinic Week
July 27, 9:00-11:00 AM

When do the clinics and workshops end?

Approximately at NOON on the last day.

When do classes begin?

2:00 PM on the first day.  Participants will be lead to classes from the dorm.

What meals are included?

Dinner is is the first meal on the first day and breakfast is the last meal on the last day.  For commuters, dinners and lunches are provided.  Meals for early arrivals, late departures and those staying over for additional sessions can purchase their own meals in the dorms, or at fast food chains nearby.

What about safety, security and supervision?

All students are supervised 24 hours a day.  There are interns on each floor of the dorms.  All administrative staff are certified in first aid and trained to handle emergency situations.

Are Drum Major week 1 and 2 the same?

Yes, however when you repeat a session, you will advance to a higher level.

What is the roommate policy?

Two people per room of the same gender.  Groups will be housed in the same area.  Singles will be housed with someone in the same age group.  If a single room is requested, there is a $50 additional charge.

What about receiving mail?

We strongly suggest not sending mail to the clinic site since it often arrives too late for distribution.  SW has no contact with the dorm after July 27.

How much money should I bring?

It depends of how much you want to spend in the clinic store and for ordering pizzas, etc.  SW does accept credit cards and checks.

What’s in the clinic store?

SW merchandise including wearables, colorguard/drum major/percussion/band supplies.

Payments (2)

What is your refund policy?

A full refund, minus a handling fee can be issued 24 hours in advance of any session.  There are no refunds for participants who leave early, for any reason, since full payment is made to the University once the session begin.

What are your deposits and payments procedures?

Deposit can be made either during, or soon after registering.  We prefer a minimum deposit of $75.  A deposit is not required to register.  Balances can be made anytime before coming to SW, or they can be paid upon arrival.  We can also bill your school or booster groups.  When registering use the message box to indicate special payments instructions for us.  Payments can be made with a credit/debit card, or by check.  We prefer checks which can be mailed with the participants name on the check.  Each time a payment is made, a new receipt will be emailed to you.

Registration (1)

Where and when is registration at camp?

Registration is on the first day of the clinic or workshop. Dates and registration times are listed on our Dates & Prices Page. It is located at Taylor Hall at EIU.