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Smith Walbridge Home & News

Smith Walbridge Clinics at Eastern Illinois University

Great Performances Start Here!

Founded in 1949, Smith Walbridge was the first camp in the United States to specialize in instruction related to various marching band activities.  Last July over 1100 directors, high / middle school and college students from 37 states and four countries traveled to Smith Walbridge to learn from nationally famous clinicians and instructors, proven master teachers and mentors. The rich history, traditions and philosophies at SWC have endured for 63 years, which is a testament to the quality of the programs. The Smith Walbridge experience is unique and special because of the high energy and positive style of teaching.  The world class staff and instructors create an atmosphere which feels much like home.  Many new friends are made resulting in a strong fraternal bond among all participants and staff.  They all share one common purpose which is to set higher goals and discover processes to achieve them.  The Smith Walbridge motto, System + Spirit = Success has endured and rewarded those who practice its concepts! SWC is hosted at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston.

The System – Marching Band Methods 2016 Edition Textbook

The System – Marching Band Methods 2016 Edition Textbook

The new 2016 edition is here and Barry Houser's The Drum Major Chapter got a nice redesign. The System‚ÄďMarching Band Methods by Gary E. Smith is the quintessential marching band instruction textbook intended for music students, drum majors, colorguard, college

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